Successful Meetings with Desktop App

about 2 years agoApril 19, 2018
Enjoy successful meetings with Desktop App 2.0. This video reviews: 
 - Setting up Calendar sync, 
 - Options to join a meeting, and best practices in the meeting, and
 - A detailed look at Meeting Controls
Rudy Qualls
over 1 year agoDecember 26, 2018
Video is very good but it would be more helpful if it would provide n actual test o sound and camera so that the user/participant knows they are properly connected.
BlueJeans Support!
over 1 year agoJanuary 13, 2019
Appreciate your feedback. 
Users can always join our real time meeting Room using meeting id: 415123456 to test sound and camera quality before joining the main meetings. :)
about 1 year agoMay 10, 2019
Having been a long time user of Skype for Business, I found moving to a new company that used BlueJeans a bit disappointing.

Weak Outlook integration - having a separate plugin that doesn't integrate with the desktop app, launching a BJ meeting from the Outlook meeting always has to launch a website first and then that launches the BJ Desktop app, etc.

The BJ Desktop App itself - cannot have chat AND people both open at same time AND can't have them docked beside video (it is always overlay). No ability (that I can find) to allow everyone to be a moderator (SfB uses the Office365 integration to say that everyone from 'your company' can be a moderator)which means a participants can't mute other participants (vital for large groups/teams when people leave their mic open), no auto-transcription capability (like Microsoft Teams).
about 1 year agoJune 13, 2019
Like Anthony, my past experience with Skype (and Zoom) has left me feeling frustrated with BlueJeans. I have watched multiple help videos and read articles trying to understand why my bluejeans account cannot see any of the dozen meetings in my calendar. I cannot find any place to verify calendar connect with my Outlook app. Do I have to delete the app and try downloading and setting up again? There must be a way to sync a calendar after set-up, but I can't find it.
Another issue I have is when I click on a link in a meeting, it always defaults to the web browser (and doesn't even open the app, even if it's running). I might just give up on using the app (takes too much time to open the meeting invite and copy and paste the meeting ID when I have meetings back to back). However, with so many browser tabs always open, I really WANT the app to work, it just doesn't seem easy to address these issues.
3 months agoApril 6, 2020
19 days agoJune 22, 2020
As a moderator in BlueJeans meetings I don’t seem to have the function to disable screenshare for participants. Any idea how to make this option  visible
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